Create Your Own Custom Bobblehead

What is a bobble head? A bobble head is a doll with a caricature-like or true to life face. It could be of a famous celebrity or your own grandma. There are also bobbleheads of animals. Some of them you might be able to put inside your car to keep you company. Others might be attached to a keychain. Others were meant to be placed above a cake. There are many businesses that make custom bobble heads designed to fit various occasions. This article will go through different ways for you to get your hands on some bobbleheads.

How to Order Customized Bobbleheads

As mentioned above there are various ways for you to order to get a bobblehead. One of those ways is to get custom bobbleheads over the internet. You can research for businesses within your state or elsewhere. Many businesses have made to order dolls. You can go through their categories such as Celebrities, Advertising, Animals, and so much more to find one that is already made and just waiting to be shipped. However, if you desire a customized one, you must first choose a template design. Then you can start customizing. To order, here is some of the basic information that you would need to fill out:CC0235-Track Runner Cheerleader Cake Toppers

  • Colour of his or her skin, eyes, and hair
  • Colour of his or her clothing
  • Words you would like written on the base
  • Type of footwear
  • Logos on his or her shirt

How to Make Your Own Bobblehead

You can also go online to have a bobblehead look just like you. Many businesses will require you to send a photo of yourself and they will do their best to match it. You will need to submit a straight forward picture of yourself and one of the side of your head. You have the choice to get one or several custom bobbleheads. This is a good idea if you plan to make it as a wedding topper for your wedding or giveaways for a birthday celebration.

On the other hand, you can also make your own especially if you are inclined to crafts and art. One of the simple ways you can make one is to get some coil and glue the bottom of it to any base area that you would like to use. You can then create clothing for your bobblehead out of paper or fabric using the coils to help hoist it up. For the head, you can use a Styrofoam ball and glue your picture to it. You can feel free to decorate the ball to hide the Styrofoam using markers or thread for hair. Creating your own bobblehead will give you flexibility to be creative.

Many bloggers over the internet can show you easy ways to create bobbleheads. This will save you from ordering online which may be a little bit more expensive. At the same time, it gives such a personal touch that the recipient won’t forget. CC0309-South African Jackass Penguin Safari Theme Wedding Cake Toppers

Personal Bobbleheads as Gifts

As you can see, bobbleheads make cool gifts. It makes an entertaining gift because the head bobs up and down. At the same time, the giver will be given the opportunity to have custom bobbleheads made. Bobbleheads can truly be for any special occasion whether it’s a birthday, wedding cake topper, Christmas gift and more. A gift somehow is just more special when it is a bit more personalized. In this way, the receiver will be able to see that you did take some time to think about what to get him or her. Getting a personal bobblehead will also show that you have paid attention to certain details in the way he looks or his personal life. Bobbleheads are also wonderful regardless of age. Children will enjoy this as well as your favourite grandmother.

You can go through several stores online to find the price that fits your budget for custom bobbleheads. Make sure that you are aware of how many days it will take them to ship the product. In addition, do not forget to ask how far they are willing to ship as some might not be able to do so worldwide. Payments for bobbleheads online can be done through card or other services. Prices differ according to size, design, and workmanship. Then again, you can also make your own by hand and by your own ingenuity.

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